“Den zdraví” within the exhibition Země živitelka is held on 24th August 2019 in České Budějovice



The Food Safety Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic invites visitors of the agrosalon Země živitelka for the special event called “Den zdraví” that is held on 24th August 2019 (Saturday). The event is organized especially for children with their parents and it takes place in the area marked as “Dětský zemědělský svět” close to the main entrance.


Several activities are prepared, such as …


  • “Pitný režim“ – Activities related to drinking regime. How much liquids is needed per day? Which drinks/beverages are healthy or unhealthy?

  • “Co patří do lednice?“ – Activities related to proper foods storage. Which foods really belong in your fridge or freezer?

  • “Víš, co jíš a neseš?“ – Activity that demonstrates overweight or even obesity. Children can try how does it feel to carry unnecessary kilograms.

  • “Trávení“ – Activity focused on digestion (GI tract).


Information (promo) tent of Food Safety Information Center, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic offers packages with gift items for those who will finish all the previously mentioned activities.


An entertaining musical performance entitled “Přijede k nám návštěva” is prepared for the youngest visitors. It is performed by artistic duo Vanda and Standa who use games and songs to emphasize the importance of healthy diet, proper foods storage and, for example, hand washing.


Information (promo) tent of Food Safety Information Center will be opened during the whole day. Information materials and publications related to nutrition, health and food safety will be available for free.


Click here to see a video from last year's event.






For more information see: https://www.zemezivitelka.cz/program/24-srpna-3.html


Author: Food Safety Information Center, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic


The mobile application “Víš, co jíš” also for iOS


Currently, the Food Safety Department, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic has launched the mobile application called “Víš, co jíš?” for the iOS. Previously, it has been launched for the smartphones that operates in the Android system version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and other later versions. Nowadays, this application is also available for free for iPhone users.


The mobile application “Víš, co jíš?” contains three parts (modules), namely: Nutrition in general, E-numbers and the Food Safety Dictionary.


  • Nutrition in general


The first module called “Nutrition in general” is practical and well-arranged guide for nutrition. It includes basic information about nutrients, nutritional recommendations, healthy diet and possibility to determine your body mass index (BMI).


  • E-numbers


In the second module, it is possible to find any food additive (E-number) according to its name, E-code or its category.

All used food additives in the certain foodstuff must be stated on the label. In the list of components, the category of food additives is stated followed by their specific name or E-code.

It is possible to use this particular module without internet connection.


  • Food Safety Dictionary


The last module is the Food Safety Dictionary. It includes more than 800 terms related to food safety, food science, nutrition etc. For the use of the Food Safety Dictionary, the internet connection is needed.



Free download via this link: https://bezpecnostpotravin.cz/kategorie/aplikace-vis-co-jis-do-mobilnich-telefonu-(android-ios).aspx


   the mobile application I



Author: Food Safety Information Center, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic