Stakeholders Workshop on Comparators for GM Plants

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The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will hold a consultative workshop with scientists and risk assessors from EU Member States, industry and non-governmental organisations, to discuss its draft guidance document on the selection of comparators for the risk assessment of genetically modified (GM) plants.


The choice of an appropriate comparator is the cornerstone of the risk assessment of GMOs. The current approach followed by risk assessors worldwide is to carry out a comparative assessment of the GM plant and its conventional counterpart to determine if the GM plant is as safe as its conventional non-GM counterpart.

As part of EFSA’s ongoing consultation with stakeholders, the meeting aims at further discussing and clarifying scientific comments received during the public consultation. The participants will also be invited to present and to exchange views on the comparative assessment approach used to assess the safety of GM plants, as well as the underlying concept of substantial equivalence.

The scientific discussions will support the work of EFSA’s GMO Panel in the finalisation of the guidance document.

More information, public consultation on „Guidance on Selection of Comparators for the Risk Assessment of GM Plants“ and the workshop draft agenda may be found on the EFSA Web site.

The workshop, to be held in Brussels 31 March 2011, follows a public consultation on the draft document. EFSA will provide a live webcast of the meeting on the EFSA website.