Czech Supervisory Bodies

 Official controls in the entire food and feed chain from primary production up to sale to a consumer are performed by the competent authorities. The supervisory bodies within their remit also perform supervision of compliance with obligations of food business operators stipulated in the directly applicable European Commission (EC) legislation.

The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority performs state supervision of the production of food and it´s placing on the market, where it is not conducted by veterinary administrativ bodies, of reporting stocks, at the point of entry of food and raw materials of plant origin from third countries in the Czech Republic.


 The State Veterinary Administration of the CR (veterinary administration bodies) performs state supervision of the production, storage, transport, import and export of raw materials and food of animal origin, when raw materials and food of animal origin are offered for sale in market halls and market places, when food of animal origin is offered for sale in stores and shop-in-shops where meat, milk, fish, poultry and eggs are treated or game meat is offered for sale, and in food stores, in the event they are the place of destination for the raw materials or food of animal origin coming from an EU Member State.


 Regional Public Health Authorities perform state supervision of the provision of catering services  and in order to identify the causes of damages or risks to health and to prevent food borne diseases and other food borne incidents. They are also responsible for the control of materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. 


The Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture The Institute performs the administration and carries out some other administrative activities, expert and testing tasks and control and monitoring activities in accordance with special acts in the areas of plant variety testing, feedingstuffs, agrochemical testing of soils, soils and plant nutrition, seeds and seedlings of the grown plants, perennial plants (viniculture and hops), protection against harmful organisms and plant protection.

The Institute of State Control of Veterinary Biologicals and Medicines performs controls of the use of medicinal products in veterinary care, including related areas, of the use of prohibited substances and of rules for the production of medicated feed and it´s placing on the market.


The basic legislation in the field of performance of official controls in the CR is Regulation (EC) No 882/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on official kontrol performed to ensure the verification of compliance with feed and food law, animal health and animal welfare rules, which apart from other things imposes upon the Member States the obligation to create adequate conditions for the ensurance of official controls, elaboration of national food and feed control plans, development of contingency plans, it specifies the kontent of training and education of employees, the conduct of internal audits and a number of other obligations. The compliance with requirements laid down in this regulation is regularly verified by control missions of EU bodies.